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MicroSearch is the leading source for digital media system installation since 1983. We are a full service company that provides systems design, on-site installation, trouble-shooting, and training. We combine technical knowledge and personal attention to give you the best possible service with competitive pricing.



We are the largest video production equipment retail store in Houston. Our history dates back to the Commodore Amiga and NewTek Toaster days when we also manufactured and distributed various successful products for the Amiga computer:



Perfect Sound (SunRize Industries) – Sound digitizer

Color Splitter (SunRize Industries) – Color splitter - into RGB portion for NewTek Digiview

Autodroid – Motor that rotates Color Splitter

The Amiga Desktop Video Workbook – Text workbook widely used by universities

FunKey – Keyboard simulation program

Head Coach – Pro football simulation program

City Desk (SunRize Industries) - Desktop publishing program

Chromakey – Works with Video Toaster by NewTek